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There’s a saying that holds so much into it.

Prevention is better than cure

Not only it holds true for our body, but the same is with our Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Equipments also.

It couldn’t be any better than to foresee the damage and take precautions right on time, just before it.

A routine Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance will not only help prolong the life of the system, the equipment, but it’s also easy on the pocket too.

Maintaining Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment doesn’t demand much, but few random checks now and then saves a lot of hassle and prevent the emergency situation to occur.

Here are some Maintenance Tips one should follow.

  • Clean the filter every now and then. Dirty filters are the only cause that makes it works harder than ever before, resulting in energy wastage and a internal damage to the equipment.
  • To check whether the thermostat is working fine or not, periodically, place it on heat, and check for any kind of noise. Do contact Weather Cool Inc, if there’s something wrong with the device.
  • Equipment should be placed in open area, there shouldn’t be any kind of obstructions such as furniture, dirt and debris, just to maintain the proper air flow.
  • Clean the humidifier reservoir once in a while to keep the indoor air quality in check.
  • Try to maintain the proper air flow to the outdoor unit. Check if there’s any kind of obstruction hindering the way, the proper functioning of the equipment. Leaves, debris, grass are some common causes of the potential damage.
  • Make sure the heat pump and the air-conditioner are at the same level. Do call us, if there’s any kind of shifting or settling of ground, which is causing the two units at different level.

Other than that, if there’s anything that’s beyond your level of understanding, something very unusual with the equipment, any kind of noise, not working properly, strange behavior or anything, just give Weather Cool Inc a call.